Courses & Tutorials

If you are looking for some courses and tutorials to improve your music-making skills, my first recommendation will be to join Skillshare, I'm personally a member of that site, and I've learned a lot from the courses I have taken so far. One of the coolest things about Skillshare is that some of the courses are project-based, so you can practice what you are leaning and share it with the community to receive feedback.*

I would also like to recommend you these Youtube channels that I personally follow:

  • The Recording Revolution : Not just tips about recording and mixing, but also about the right mindset we need to have to make more music. Valuable stuff, and a generous guy.
  • Musician on a Mission : Tips and tricks to get high quality recordings at your home studio. Down to earth, and easy to follow.
  • Hack Music Theory : The easiest to understand music theory tutorials on Youtube. But first, tea!

* Note: I am not a member of the Skillshare affiliate program, so I will not make money with my recommendation, but I can be rewarded with an extra month in my current subscription if you join through my link, so if you like what I do and would like to support my education efforts, please join, their service is really amazing and I would really appreciate it.