Courses & Tutorials

As musicians, we are always learning, so here I post some links to interesting learning resources :

  • How to write songs : This course will teach you two methods for writing a song from start to finish. The first one will show you how to dismember a current song, examine the parts, change them and then put them back together to create a whole new song of your own. The second one will show you how to create songs people want to hear completely from your own brain.
  • How to record your songs at home : If you have a computer and ANY kind of recording software (even free) this course will show you exactly how you're going to be able to easily record and produce pro-quality home recordings.
  • Learn to rap / freestyle : Discover the methods used by rappers like Kendrick and Eminem, who can freestyle like this and who are able to make a lot of original music really fast.
  • How to produce beats : Learn the music production secrets of the most successful hip-hop/pop/RnB music producers, over 5 1/2 hours of video.
  • Piano for all : A specially designed piano learning system that takes complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other method.
  • Singorama : Because the art of singing is more than just breathing exercises and singing strengthening techniques, Singorama has been dedicated to providing the most relevant and up to date training for related aspects of performing.
  • Ukulele lessons for beginners : If you’re someone who has noodled around with ukulele or other instruments with little success, you’re going to be playing at a level that makes your friends go “Wow!” in no time.

I would also like to recommend you these Youtube channels that I personally follow:

  • The Recording Revolution : Not just tips about recording and mixing, but also about the right mindset we need to have to make more music. Valuable stuff, and a generous guy.
  • Musician on a Mission : Tips and tricks to get high quality recordings at your home studio. Down to earth, and easy to follow.
  • Hack Music Theory : The easiest to understand music theory tutorials on Youtube. But first, tea!