The Haunted Toy! - FREE VSTi Instrument - Make spooky tunes!

This is a funny and free virtual instrument, created for the KVR Developers Challenge 2018.

The instrument can be used to produce spooky, creepy and scary tunes, for halloween videos, silly horror games or low-budget horror films.

It includes a 2-octave organ and a 2-octave bells kit (?), both supported by a chorus of angels and demons, and it also features some ghosts and haunted house sounds in the background.


Download for Windows (32 bit) - 21Mb

Download for Windows (64 bit) - 21Mb

Download for Mac (VST) - 29Mb

Download for Mac (VST3) - 29Mb

The instrument is provided as-is, with no warranties. It should work fine on most DAWs. It has been developed and tested on a Windows 10 PC and it worked fine with Reaper, Tracktion, Studio One, Podium, MuLab and SAVIHost. On a MacOS X High Sierra, it worked fine on Reaper.

This virtual instrument was designed by Luis Valoyes using samples from the VSCO Community Edition and Public Domain samples from The plugin is powered by Maize Sampler.